And Away We Go (Again)

In migrating from iBlog to Movable Type I’ve lost some of the first photos I posted from my recent tour of Peacekeeper bases in Bosnia. In case you missed ’em, they’re back!


This is one of the first things we saw upon our arrival at CFB Trenton for our flight overseas. My guess is that the propaganda on this bus is laid on extra-thick, in case any of the troops have second thoughts about their deployment.


Waddaya get when you put a bunch of actors on a military base? Trouble, that’s what. Though Rebecca Northan’s knowledge of Yoga helped her prepare for the long flight, it apparently “pushed the envelope” for acceptable behavior on a military base.


This is the Polaris, our ride to the Balkans. After dropping us off in Zagreb, Croatia, it went on to deliver some engineers to Fujairah.


When it was time to board the plane, we did so from the back…


… Since the front half of the aircraft was exclusively for cargo.


But before leaving the continent we had to endure a prolonged stopover at CFB Greenwood. We touched down at 4:30pm, and weren’t back in the air until almost 9…


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