Camp Black Bear

Camp Black Bear, Velika Kladusa, Bosnia-Herzegovina, serves as a depot for supplies and personnel for the army’s AOR (area of responsibility). It was our home for the first five days of the tour.


Before we could enjoy any of the facilities there (like food, TV, food, Internet, food, telephones, food, a gym and food) we were asked to attend a lengthy briefing on, among other things. the danger of land mines. This PowerPoint slide shows the dangerous areas in red.


After a VIP dinner in the Officer’s Mess (hall), a reception was held for us on the patio of the base. That’s Leanne Bruce on the left, stage manager for the Shags.


Even though we were special guests, military rules still applied: Two beers per day, per person. Army folk make the best of a bad situation with oversized cans of suds, like this hearty Croatian brew.


As the night wore on, it came time for the obligatory jam session. Here’s John Landry with Shag bassist Lisa Rae Simons.


And why we did we stay up so late after such a long transatlantic flight? You would too, if you had to sleep here!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. I am trying to get ahold of someone I think belongs to this camp or did. His name is Allan Knight originally from Vancouver. He has tried to contact me but I lost his number. Hope you can help. Eden Cocker 604-255-2991. THANK YOU

  2. Hi Eden,

    Sorry but I can’t help you there… Camp Black Bear has a huge staff, and lots more personnel drifting in and out. I can remember only a few of the folks I met there, and unfortunately this gentleman isn’t one of them.

  3. Some of you may know my husband , WO Bill Ten Eyck, he is serving in CFB Petawawa, Canada Ontario.
    He served Black Bear back in Sept/02-Mar/03. We are very interested in finding other sites to veiw more pics, or even get in touch with people he may have served with….

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