Camp Black Bear II


There wasn’t much to do in VK proper, save for the pirate CD shops across the road — the only consistent evidence of an economy I saw on the entire tour. Here’s Warrant Officer Randy Lahaise, checking out the selection.


Thankfully, there were plenty of toys on base to keep us busy!

You’d think that handing a comedian an automatic weapon would be a bad idea. You’d be correct, and our army hosts wisely took the bullets out first. Here’s me fiddling with the Canadian Armed Forces standard issue rifle, the C7A1. We took the American M16 and made it better, though I’m clearly having some trouble with the quick-release strap.


Shag keyboardist Joel White tries out the military’s night vision goggles, captured by me courtesy of Sony’s Super NightShot technology.


And to top it all off we were treated to a tour of the Balkan countryside, by helicopter! An underpowered, Canadian-made helicopter, yes… But a helicopter nonetheless!


Christy Bruce and I, keeping our lunches down. I think.


An aerial view of the Ostrozac Castle, dating back to the 1600s.


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