Camp Bee-Yatch


The second of the six bases we visited was a converted car dealership in the town of Bihac. I think you can still lease that GMC van in the background…


To get there, our bus travelled through an hour and a half of pretty countryside. Here’s Shag drummer Kyle Radomsky eyeing a castle on the way…


One of the few minefields that are actually marked… The first thing the army tells you about mines is that they don’t act the way the Hollywood ones do — that is, click when you step on them and detonate when you step off. In the real world you step on one and it’s all over.


One of the things you gotta do in a two-hour outdoor show is pace yourself. Here are Shags Sandra Dominelli and Tiffany Hambrook providing some backup vocals, from backstage.


Only in the army can you sign autographs under barbed wire. Well, maybe prison…

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    He’s having an affair with your wife eh? Who would your wife be? I’m just curious, because he’s my father.

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