Camp Maple Leaf


The third stop on our tour was Camp Maple Leaf, in an area called Zgon. Though the air conditioning on our bus was definitely a joke, getting the bus into these camps was no laughing matter — that mirror is for spotting hidden cargo on the undersides of vehicles, like a bomb or a crack team of ninjas.


When stage manager Peter Sherk speaks you drop everything and listen, especially if he’s pointing a grenade launcher your way. I found out after taking this photo that the freakin’ thing was loaded!


Here’s me mistaking a brick of C4 explosive for one of those protein bars. Mmm… plastique-y!


Here are the famous urchins I wrote about in a previous post. In our hurry to shower these impoverished little ones with gifts and flags we failed to notice the BMX bike…

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Click on the link above to see a panoramic view of some castle ruins above the town of Kljuc. That cell tower in the background gave my Treo crystal-clear reception!


These are the kind military escorts that snuck us up the mountain to see said ruins. Check out the army’s standard-issue Kodiak Grebs!


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  1. camp maple leaf is the best place in the world! i love it so much and i can’t wait for this summer

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