Sarajevo II


After my Turkish coffee, I went for a bit of a stroll, only to see more signs of devastation from the war.


This is Sarajevo’s main cemetary. Many casualties of the war were buried here, but not all. Funerals were, if you can believe it, a favourite target for snipers. So the dead had to be buried either under cover of darkness or anywhere else that was relatively safe, like public parks.


Kyle, Peter, myself and Lisa stop by the monument to Josef Tito.


And even here, we couldn’t escape the signs of fighting.


During the siege of the city, the UN took control of the airport and citizens took advantage of it, building a tunnel underneath to smuggle people out and supplies in.


The twenty meteres or so of tunnel that remains has been turned into a museum, so that younger generations of Bosnians will be able to understand what their country went through. He also has kittens!


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  1. I was at the tunnel museum in Feb, 2002. I think I met Lisa’s kitty’s mother. I said “dobra macka” (good kitty) and she jumped in my arms.

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