The Shows

On this, the 30-day anniversary of our return from the Balkans, I’ve realized that I haven’t provided any photos from our actual shows! Most of these were taken by the official CF Show Tour photographer; the ones that are out of focus are all mine… 😉


The opening of our two hour-plus entertainment extravangza featured a re-working of the very tired Second City Riverdance sketch, for the sole purpose of introducing Mr. Shawn Clements, aka Dr. Evil.


A rare shot of Mr. John Landry’s tongue…


This is as close as the Internet can get to recreating the excitement of the Shags in performance. Pretty sad, huh?


The multi-talented Bobby Bruce added another character to his growing arsenal for our show.


Anchoring all this madness was the big beat of Mr. Kyle Radomsky, aka Fat Bastard.


Here’s yours truly, making all of Atlantic Canada proud.


The climax of our two hour-plus entertainment extravaganza, looking remarkably similar to the beginning.

By Andrew

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  1. Hey Andrew.

    Great stuff!
    I look forward to seeing more of what you have in store!
    Sandra Volodoff

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