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If you’ve been following the thread of commentary between Chris and I on the subject of improv, you may be interested in the show I’m doing tonight at The Hub. First the details:

Blue Moon, 725 Queen Street East, 416-463-8868. Show starts at 9pm; admission is free!

I’m improvising tonight as a birthday present to my pal Jack Mosshammer; it took a lot of whining on his part to get me to commit, so I guess another reason why I no longer jump on stage at every opportunity is because I’m a lazy fuck!

Tomorrow night marks the premiere of “Porn Writer”, the short film I did with Barb Haynes and Justin Deveaux for Darryl Gold’s Hard Liquor & Porn IV. If you want to see yours truly all pimped out, come on down!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. You have to give us notice. I would have liked to come to the show tonight but the notice was too short. Keep me/everybody posted on any future shows.

  2. Hey Chris,

    My apologies, although I didn’t actually commit to The Blue Moon show until after midnight on the 11th…

    You didn’t miss much anyway; the performers came close to outnumbering the audience, and I don’t think you’ll be seeing any of the premises we used ever again—the themes given to us were serenity, orange oil and dildos 😦

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