Hong Kong… Again?!


What does it take to put yours truly on a 22-hour flight to Hong Kong? Apparently not much…

The young lady I’m dating is going there next week with her sister’s family on a discounted fare — her sister works for Air Canada — so on a whim I cashed in my frequent flyer miles and got myself a ticket to meet up with them.

So why am I going? To get another custom-tailored suit or cell phone would certainly be correct, but only partly so. The bigger reason is to shake up the inevitable routine that a couple falls into after eight months of dating — you know, a repeating cycle of their favourite restaurants, movies and nights at home watching TV…

But am I making a huge mistake muscling in on a family vacation? Stay tuned!


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2 responses to “Hong Kong… Again?!”

  1. I say go for it, I’ve been dating my girlfriend now for many years, and situations like yours have only added to our relationship. Take for example our Christmas in Las Vegas. We got so sick of the normal Christmas routine, it started to become depressing and I would even go so far as saying it was un-healthy. So one year, as a surprise I set us up in Vegas for our Christmas holidays, it was different and we had a great time. So have a good time in Hong Kong, do at least one thing neither one of you have ever done there, and if you get the chance pick me up some crazy candy too.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Good meeting you the other night!

    I guess what I’m worried about is the family part, but we’ll see what happens. As for candy, the good stuff there is all from Japan—like my favourite Meiji dark chocolate-covered almonds!

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