Well, my romantic vacation has just hit its first snag. Again, I’m posting this entry from my Treo, this time on board United Airlines Flight #805, waiting to take off for Hong Kong. I’ve just heard from my ladyfriend in Vancouver — because they’re flying on an Air Canada employee pass they’ve been re-routed to Tokyo, with no guarantees on when they’ll get to Hong Kong, if at all!

It might be a lonely week for your truly. And truth be told, I’d rather be in Tokyo anyway — they’ve got a big video games show happening over there.

This is starting to suck just a little bit…

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Oh, Andrew, what a drag! I know you’ll make the best of any situation you find yourself in. Be careful and make sure you get the best deal on your next gadget and/or tailor-made suit!

  2. Hey Tracey,

    Not to worry, all is well. And for the record, I’m aware that whining about being anywhere in Asia for a week on a free flight with nothing to do but shop is a bit obnoxious.

    My humble apologies to anyone who figured that out before I did…

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