I have new respect for the contestants on The Amazing Race. My lady friend threw her back out, and before you get any ideas, it was from tending to her niece through flights from Toronto to Calgary to Vancouver to Tokyo to Hong Kong. Anyway, I’ve been carrying her purse and shopping bags around town for the last couple of days. Combine that added weight to my own shoulder bag full of cameras, add temperatures of thirty degrees or more, then throw in a crowd of very aggressive locals and you’ve got one cranky boyfriend!

I realize that trying to tell a woman to pack lightly is like trying to tell the Titanic to stop sinking; fortunately, the many and varied shoe stores we’ve visited all have ample seating. Guys, here’s a tip: If you’re going shopping with your lady, even in an exotic foreign land, make sure you bring along one of these.


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3 responses to “Back-Knackered”

  1. Deciding to overlook that gross generalization (^_~), I must say that I wouldn’t dream of taking a trip without my precious gameboy! I have not yet made the GBA/SP jump yet, as my solid purple GBColour suits me just fine, but how are you finding the screen and controls?

  2. Hi Andrew. I’m back in Canada now after a not so exhausting 6 months in the Bos. Good to be home. I must say the highlight of my tour (Besides touring with you guys throughout Bos) was touring Europe with my wife. I can relate to your crankiness as we were in Paris during the heat wave and yours truly was left to do the luggage/ bag hauling. Not fun, but was a small price to pay for a great vacation. Keep in touch

  3. Ken, glad you’re home safe! And Jenn, the Game Boy SP gets more use than the GameCube collecting dust in my living room—too many buttons confuse me!

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