Ocean Park


The one low-point of my latest foray into the Far East was my visit to Ocean Park, for the sole purpose of seeing the Giant Panda Bears there.

My first mistake was leaving for the park at noon, at the peak of the midday sun and heat. A special express bus dropped me off at one of the two main entrances, but I still had to take a series of long escalators up the side of a mountain to figure out where I was. Here’s a view of Aberdeen, from about halfway up.


Only at the top of the mountain did I find out that the giant Pandas were actually on the other side of the park, and I would have to cross it to get to them.


A serene cable car ride made the trek only a bit easier.


And of course, when I finally found the Panda habitat I also found out that it was closed for the day, so I ran for the nearest exit and the comfort of an air-conditioned bus back to my hotel.


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