Shiny New Thing

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The wait for Handspring’s new Treo is killing me. It may be killing some of Handspring’s business too, as more of their faithful fans are starting to second-guess whether it’s worth upgrading to another all-in-one PDA and phone if it too will constantly freeze up on them.

Enter the good folks at Fido, who have siezed the opportunity and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse on their new Sony Ericsson camera phone. Not only was it discounted by a hundred and twenty five bucks, but I found out from another website that the first 1400 suckers — er, buyers — also get a coupon for a free wireless headset!

How do I sync up my calendar and address book? Why, with PhoneAgent, of course! And I wouldn’t even consider giving up my Treo unless its replacement had a built-in expense tracker. But waddaya know? I found one, made by Canadians, no less!


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