Island Airport

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I just got back from some surprisingly pleasant corporate whoring in our nation’s capitol, and the good folks at Despair Canada were kind enough to let me return via the Island Airport. Whether you’re for the expansion or against it, a visit here will surely make you agree that’s something’s gotta be done with the place. It’s a hole.


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2 responses to “Island Airport”

  1. I’m sure esthetics aren’t the most important thing in the world but that plain behind you looks like it went to Bosnia with you as well. Holly cow, is that thing even legal?

  2. Not only is it legal, but it possesses an old world charm that modern airborne people-haulers simply do not have.

    I almost felt like a WWII fighter ace climbing into this baby, and caught myself a couple of times scanning the clouds above the T.O. skyline for Jerries!

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