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What a week… I haven’t been posting here with much substance as of late; truth is, I’ve been preoccupied with more than my fair share of both crisis and opportunity.

I’ve been starring in a video for “edgy” corporate director Jim Allan, having a great time walking around TD Tower harassing bank execs. But when shooting wrapped Tuesday afternoon. I found myself suddenly depressed, realizing that a lot of these guys aren’t much older than myself, and pulling in huge salaries while I’m still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. I’m not in any way envious of their lifestyle, just their financial stability. Part of it also is that both my older brothers are also financial mucky-mucks; combine that with parental expectations — both real and perceived — and you’ve got a recipe for a mid-life crisis!

Fortunately the latter part of this past week has offered up some solutions, or at least possibilities. One of them is a call for technology writers for NOW magazine, caught by dear friend Tracey Hoyt in this week’s issue. Another is some expressed interest in developing something with the Movieola network. Granted it came at their second anniversary party, and it seemed like everyone there had something in development. Still, it’s nice to be wanted, or feel wanted, anyway.

When I first got into the Second City racket I thought my career path was pretty clear — classes, Touring Company, Mainstage, SNL, bad movies… Having a TV show on a Canadian network for two years was certainly a pleasant surprise, but I never thought I’d have toured Asia twice or been a houseguest to Peacekeepers in Bosnia. Likewise, I never thought I’d be seeking employment as a part-time journalist or pitching myself as a host. But such is the information age, I guess, and besides… A Night at the Roxbury sucked.

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. As a side note, I’ve been thinking about rebranding this site as a media company. I even came up with the perfect name; unfortunately it’s currently in the clutches of domain-squatters:


    Anybody have any ideas of how I can grab this without forking over a thousand Canadian bucks?

  2. feedthemachine.ca?
    it’s available…
    oh wait, I just bought it!

    How aboot you give me 100 Canadian bucks for it! 🙂

  3. A new trend I’ve noticed in Television is the popularity of the .tv line so how about http://www.feedthemachine.tv, it taste great and it’s lighter filling.

    P.S. I saw the Bay add that made you think twice and you thought correctly, creepy.

  4. Hey Chris,

    Nice idea, but I don’t want to limit my work just to the idiot box. Besides, I’d feel back taking a domain from some poor media company in Tuvalu. 😉

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