Apple Scum


Hey, I’m the last person who would ever put those two words side by side, so an explanation is in order…

I picked up my new PowerBook on Thursday, and am quite happy with it. What I’m not thrilled about is that my scam to get a free copy of Panther for my other computer (and perhaps a few close friends) has failed. I wanted to get my laptop now not only because I had some cash coming down the pipe, but because there are still some units for sale that don’t yet have Apple’s latest and greatest OS on them. Included with these machines is a coupon for a free (+ shipping) upgrade, which I thought would get me a standalone copy of Panther that I could install anywhere I liked.

But alas, Apple has outsmarted me. The coupon is actually for an upgrade, specifically for the model I’ve bought, and unusable on any other computer. So I bought a PowerBook with Panther already on it.

I also found out that the academic version of Final Cut Pro that my dad signed for a few birthdays ago has no upgrade to version 4, nor can it be upgraded with a retail product. So basically I won’t be able to upgrade my desktop computer’s software until I upgrade the hardware.


By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. AC:

    Ah, the joys and intricacies of Apple software licenses! My shiny new G5 came with Jaguar despite what the sales guy in the showroom said, so I had to pay for privilege of having Panther mailed to my domicile, too.
    I used FCP 1 for a long time on my old G4, but Jaguar won’t let you install it, so I’ve had to dig out my old copy of Premiere 6 instead (didn’t upgrade to 6.5 ‘cause I switched to FCP). But, since Premiere 6 runs in Classic mode, I don’t have access to Firewire, leaving me unable to capture or put anything on tape. I had to burn a DVD with a short for Second Cine because it was the only way I could get it off the hard drive. But what about iMovie, you ask? Apple doesn’t want you using the freebie to do anything but homemade porn and birthday parties, so you can’t import video into iMovie at all. I’ll buy FCP in February, when the stores should have the 4.1 version, which is the Panther-ized edition (and the G5-ized version) so I don’t have to give out any more money than necessary.
    I love Apple’s machines and software, but sometimes they act like The Other Guys too much for my comfort!


  2. … you can’t import video into iMovie at all.

    Actually you can, but you need QuickTime Pro. All you have to do is export your FCP movie to QT, then export from QT as a miniDV stream—you can import that into iMovie!

  3. AC:

    But that would require shelling out the $30 USD to those Apple bastards for QT Pro, which is “free” when you buy FCP……

    Actually, after spending many hundreds of hours on my last big project, it’s nice to have an excuse to just play games instead!


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