More on this photo in a second. First a quick update on the PowerBook situation. The guy who sold it to me must read this website; I got an email from him today promising that a new screen was on its way to the store for installation. If he does read this blog I certainly hope he doesn’t see this photo, or any credibility I have as an irate customer will go straight out the window.

Here’s the deal: In between the last Second Cine tomorrow night and the movie I’m shooting this weekend is a two-night run of the Williamson Playboys, with yours truly behind the drums. What could be a better night out than watching a seven-piece band fumble through some Dixieland arrangements while doing their best old-people schtick?

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. I should probably let everyone know that the glasses, given to me by Ray Dumas ten years ago, probably won’t make it to the show. Sure, they look hilarious, but I can’t see a damn thing outta them!

  2. Hey, Andrew! At least you don’t have to wear a kilt and “fat” jacket behind the kit! I wish I was in Toronto, as I’d actually really like to see you play drums, and see the old guy shtick. It would remind one of the tonight show… WITH Johnny Carson…. Well, hope you get your new screen, and happy holidays and stuff!

  3. Love the cardigan, Andrew.

    Wish I could make it to the show but I’ll be outta town. I’ll see you at Second Cine though.
    Should be funny.

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