Saint Colin


Just before the start of one of my busiest working weekends this year I got a call from my agent, asking if I would do a charity improv set with Colin Mochrie for Sick Kids Hospital. How could I say no?

Though it was an early morning show, and most of the suggestions we got from our young audience were either “ice cream” or “chocolate”, it was a fun set and a noble effort by Colin, Jenny Parsons, Al Howell and myself.

Afterwards, we found out that the Hudson Bay Charity Bears handed out to our audience as they left the Little Bear Theatre were paid for by Colin himself.

Now that’s class!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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  1. AC:

    I saw a clip of Albert Howell hugging Colin Mochrie on CFTO News, then a clip with Albert, Colin, Jenny Parsons, and yourself on stage. Good work, and kudos to you all for entertaining some kids who be spending Christmas in the hospital.
    From personal experience, Mr. Mochrie is a generous man with his time, energy, and is darned nice, too, and I’m not surprised by his donation of the bears. Who says success changes people?


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