More Apple Badness

I got my PowerBook back on Saturday, complete with new screen, and all is well. Well, almost…

There’s another secret about Apple software that you should know. When you upgrade to their latest and greatest Panther OS and wish to use apps other than their built-in emailer and web browser, you have to change a setting from within those programs — meaning that you can never, ever remove the two pieces of email-mangling, non-compliant software from your hard drive.

Didn’t M$ get into trouble for doing the same with Internet Explorer? Apple is heading down the very same road, blinding its customers with brushed aluminum along the way.

And guess what? I finally got the call from NOW about that tech writer job, and it turns out that I’ll be writing more on this subject for their magazine!


One response to “More Apple Badness”

  1. AC:

    Congratulations on both your new display and on your new soapbox. Guess we can call you the Apple Peeler?


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