The Last Bash

Hey, what’s everybody up to next December 31st?

It seems that our train wreck of a New Year’s Eve show has Al Howell and I forevermore yanked from the Playhouse on that particular night; I’m thinking of a more likely explanation, that The Second City caught wind of an easy sell-out and muscled in on our turf. Why else would we have the rug pulled out from under us after six years of faithful service?

Stay tuned for a transcript of an angry letter one of our suburban patrons sent to the box office. I promise to have it up sometime next week!


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2 Responses to The Last Bash

  1. Ed Miller says:


    Now I feel guilty about staying home to vomit and sweat instead of coming to Bash of the Titans and hurling on surburbanites instead. Think of the letters you would have gotten!
    I look forward to the 905-based missive.


  2. mtm says:

    Not all patrons at your New Year’s Eve show were uptight adventurers from the 905 ‘hood.

    My partner-in-crime & I enjoyed most of the acts. Hmmm…I’ll betcha the letter came from the 2 pensive couples sitting next to us. I think we frightened them with our laughter….

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