Apple’s Next Big Thing

Despite the disparaging remarks I’ve been making around here — and possibly in NOW magazine on January 29th — I’m still Mac fanboy #1, and that fanboy-ness has once again been justified.

Apple’s iLife ’04 has caused lots of stink for not being a free upgrade to the latest versions of iTunes, iMove, iPhoto and iDVD. But there’s another included app that’s definitely worth paying for. It’s called GarageBand, and promises to be the music creation software “for the rest of us”.

Yes, you can plug in any MIDI instrument or USB microphone and record your own performances. But even better, you can drag and drop any audio file into the program, chop it up as you see fit and combine it with GarageBand’s built-in loops.

This is one of those watershed moments, when the tools of music production have been made available to everyone. I predict big things, and they’re already happening — witness the sudden fame of Jonas Luster and his GarageBand creation DeanDance

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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  1. AC:

    Garageband looks pretty good. I Soundtrack, an Acid looping type of program that comes bundled with Final Cut. It’s been a lot of fun creating absolutely horrible music, but it doesn’t have the MIDI or recording function that garageband has that could allow me to capture the nuances of horrible playing and even worse singing.
    Do you think there’s a market for crappy digital music created not by hot teenaged girls but by a balding clown who cold-sweats on stage?


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