Reality Check

Just so I’ve got this straight, the same folks who have no problem with this:


Are all bent out of shape by this?


Kinda fucked up, don’t you think?


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3 Responses to Reality Check

  1. Ed Miller says:


    It could have been any of the networks, but their reactions, even Fox, would be the same as CBS’s: moral indignation over a 2-second glimpse of titty (sans nipple). Of course, if you watch CBS over the course of a week, how many murders, gun fights, beatings, and other forms of violence are portrayed? Not a complaint anywhere except from the occasional children’s advocacy group. But throw a bared breast on the air and the phones will light up with people complaining about the smut.
    One of my broadcasting instructors told me that the difference between the CRTC and the FCC is that the FCC only cares that your antenna runs straight up and down and doesn’t stray from approved frequencies. The Republican chairman is vowing a witchhunt, probably at the behest of the Republican party given that it’s an election year, and the President’s lies about WMD are being proven as lies, kicking off his downward slide. Undoubtedly, Janet’s breast will be used as an example of the liberal-left media’s disregard for morality, and any attacks on poor ol’ patriotic Dubya should be discounted as a result.
    Good to see puritanism is still alive and well in the U.S.


  2. That was no pasty—it was, in fact, what is called a nipple shield:

    Now are you offended?

  3. Ed Miller says:


    Nope –if she wants to spike her nipple, that’s her business. Nor do I have a problem with seeing a spiked nipple on TV –I’d rather see that than the rah-rah-USA crap the networks get wrapped up in. Besides, John Madden wears those, too.


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