Keepin’ It Real

People are finally beginning to realize how smart I think I am. Yesterday I shot a video wrap-up for a TVOntario health care show called 2nd Opinion; the episode will air at 7:30pm on Wednesday, February 18th. And if I ever end up getting published in NOW magazine I might actually get some credibility as some kind of expert guy.

At the same time, my agent called me yesterday asking if I would be interested in some corporate whoring for Coke later this month. He promised “humiliating costumes and sing-alongs”… How could I say no?


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  1. AC:

    Before you enter the cola wars, I suggest a viewing (or reviewing) of The Coca-Cola Kid, my favourite Australian movie. Not only does Greta Scacchi get naked, but it also hands an Australian “sh*t sandwich” to Coke.


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