Please Stand By


And stand by I did, all day at the Elgin Theatre from 9:45am until it was time to go home.

I had thought that today was merely a rehearsal for the funny bit we were to be taping on Thursday, but found out on my arrival that Jenn, Al and myself were scheduled for tonight’s show. By the end of the day that had changed, only because there was so many other funny bits to rehearse that they simply didn’t get to us. So I’m going back tomorrow, with no guarantee that I’ll be on tomorrow’s show, or at all. And at $40 an hour, I couldn’t be happier!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. AC:

    What a great gig! Everyone dreams of getting paid to wait around, at least those who have to wait around for something and aren’t getting paid to do so.
    Conan’s past my bedtime, but I’ll throw a tape in the VCR to see if I can get something else to put in front of any tapes I send you….


  2. So I’m sitting at home watching Conan, and after reading the latest post here, I thought I would keep an eye open for Andrew. So while watching tonight I saw the CN Tower and the Space Needle fighting and boy I would have be a million dollars Andrew was the Space needle. But low and behold, later in the show wearing a brilliant orange sweater there’s Andrew with an American guys half naked ass in his face. Either way congrats on the appearance.

  3. AC:

    Thanks to the miracle of VHS tape technology, I witnessed your NBC debut this morning. Congratulations, and I fully expect to see you and Albert get a series out of this cameo.


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