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Mr. Mochrie and I with just a few of the new friends we made at Colby-Sawyer College

When I drove my rented car out of Boston Logan Airport yesterday I was a bit freaked out. Here I was in a strange vehicle on roads never before travelled, with signs that didn’t always make sense. I knew where I supposed be going, but feared I would get lost along the way. And then I realized, all I had to do was drive the car.

Likewise, in the hours leading up to my one hour, two-man improv set with Colin I was more than a little nervous, but once we were on stage together it hit me — all I had to do was drive the car. And drive it I did, with a little help, of course!


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7 responses to “Just Drive”

  1. The show was awesome! and no, its not a girls school, it just happens that the students that run the Campus Activities Board are mostly if not all girls. But back to the show…it was awesome, and was great to get to meet both Andrew and Colin! Keep up the good work, guys!!

  2. Thanks for putting us up on the website, and so fast at that! We had a blast last night. You guys were both amazing. We laughed the entire time. Sorry that the school seems to be obsessed with poop, porn, and Budweiser. That’s not all of us, though. Some of us are just obsessed with Budweiser! =) Thanks again.

  3. YAY, thanks for putting us on the site!! You guys were great last night, everyone loved you!!

  4. Andrew —

    Thanks so much for coming to Colby-Sawyer with Colin Mochrie. You guys put on an amazing show! We had a blast, and I hope you enjoyed our little college in the middle of nowhere. Come again; it was great!

  5. Andrew – It was a great time last night and a great show. My sister and I had a blast. Oh, and by the way, we won’t be chasing you down since there were no deer on the road – although we did almost hit a skunk.

    You’re directions back to Boston were spot on.

    Thanks again for a really fun night. We’re hoping to get a chance to see you performing agin really soon.

    By the way, noticed the picture in front of the Berklee College of Music. I reconginized it right off since it’s just a short walk from my office.

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