Don’t get me wrong — I think the DVD format is awesome. I just hate the stupid region encoding imposed by big media companies on their DVD releases. I mean, God forbid I should want to broaden my tastes with something produced on another continent!

Fortunately a little research hipped me to this Philips DVD727, a cheap home player with very advanced features and the ability to hack the region hobbling on any DVD. How cheap is it, you ask? Well, I picked one up at Wal-Mart yesterday for seventy-nine bucks!


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4 responses to “Region-Free”

  1. That sounds like a sweet deal. My PS2 has been giving me serious trouble lately and I might need to get a separate machine for DVDs. The region free ability would definitely make watching anime easier. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Sounds cool. I’ve always been hesitant to mod my systems because the urge to pirate would be strong. Sadly, my PS2 seems to be dying a slow and painful death and it’ll be a while before I can get a new one; hence my glee at this cheaper stand-alone player ^_^

  3. You just helped me convince my girlfriend we should buy a DVD player on top of our PS2. That and the fact that both movies we just rented this weekend skipped several times (not that it made a difference in Matrix Revolutions). Also earlier we had rented Brotherhood of the Wolf and we where forced to take it to work to watch it. I mentioned this posting and we talked about it, I think it might be a future purchase.

    Thanks Andrew and everybody who posted.

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