Purple Reign


Yeah, that’s original… Anyway, just wanted to give some cyber-kudos to Prince’s NPG Music Club, for not only offering choice seats to his July 27th ACC gig in advance of Ticketmaster’s Monday wide release, but for making the experience so entirely pleasant.

After enrolling yesterday for a $25 USD fee, I was instructed to log back on from 10am-10pm Eastern Time today, to purchase up to two advance tickets for the T.O. show. I signed on at 9:58am, found the order page, and after hitting refresh a couple of times was presented with a secure form for my particulars.

Not once in the entire process did the system choke or crash, and best of all, the tickets are no more expensive than the Ticketmaster ones will be. I’m not quite going to party like it’s $19.99, but hey — you can’t have everything!


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