A New Low II


Few would argue at this point that Mark Burnett is the king of television. Survivor, The Restaurant and now The Apprentice have transcended the format of so-called “reality TV”, and given my circle of friends a much more stimulating topic of conversation than the usual “go Leafs, go”.

All that changed for this self-appointed television critic during Thursday night’s live portion of The Apprentice finale. All the brilliantly-constructed drama of the series was peeled away with the fake walls of Trump’s boardroom, replaced with bad SNL music and some of the worst cue card reading I’ve ever seen.

Most insulting of all was the doling out of winner Bill Rancic’s “prize”. A couple of years from now when you find yourself in Chicago, how safe are you going to feel staying in an upper floor of a hotel built by some guy who won a TV game show?

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By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. I’m pretty sure that the job is about as fake as Donald Trumps hair. He’s a good-looking figurehead for Trump to tell the world that he’s hip, he’s done the reality TV thing. Did you see how clueless he looked throughout the whole show; he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing there at all. I’m not saying he’s stupid, I do believe he’s a successful businessman, but really you can’t be given success, you have to earn it. This guy is a real guy in a fake position, Trump will have real building types working on the details while bill sits in an office taking pictures and signing autographs. What better way to sell a building then get a “star” to do it.

  2. Chris, I agree with you 100%. There’s no doubt in my mind as well that Bill’s only “position” will be as a media mouthpiece within the Trump empire. That’s what I find so insulting, that Burnett expects us to believe that this newly-crowned apprentice will be anything else but that.

    For Trump, though, it’s a stroke of genius. Just insert Bill into a press conference, like so:

    Bill: “I’m here today on behalf of the Trump organization to answer any questions about that casino we’re building on a foundation of radioactive waste. Or if you’d rather I can dish out some dirt on Omarosa!”

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