Suckwest Airlines

I’m here in the South of the Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport, enjoying a wonderfully average cuppa joe from the coffee beanery. There are a couple of things colouring my mood at the moment. One is the expected lack of sleep. Two is the boob beside me on the plane here from Toronto, who spent every available second on his cell phone, yakking to some supplier about 3M something or other.

But the biggest disappointment so far has been my carrier for this trip. So their “First Class” is actually Business Class. Fair enough. But that I can’t get into their WorldClubs Lounge to kill off my two-hour layover in Detroit is inexcusable. Apparently I need a “First Class” ticket to Europe or Asia for that privilege, or I can fork over $400 USD for same.

Yeah, right!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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