Am I Missing Something?

Soon after the Federal Election was announced last weekend, I checked the Election Predictions for my local riding. Turns out that Trinity-Spadina is currently too close to call, and local superstar Olivia Chow stands a good chance of winning a seat in Parliament.

Thing is, I’m not really that huge a fan of the NDP these days; their traditional support of organized labour seems particularly dangerous after Buzz Hargrove almost singlehandedly killed Air Canada — now there’s guy who deserves a pie in the face!

Despite this, I’m leaning towards an NDP on June 28th, despite the fact that all I’m hearing in the news this week are warnings of a possible minority government. Why is that such a bad thing? If the three (okay, four) parties have more equal representation in Parliament, and a single governing party can’t run amuck with its own mandate at the expense of other interests, isn’t that better, albeit slower, process of government for all of us?

By Andrew

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  1. AC:

    I think a minority government would be a perfect result for this election, as is the case when, really, the only issue is whether or not we need to change governing parties. There are no real burning policy issues like free trade or wage and price controls in this election, so it’s a case of “do we give these idiots 5 more years or do we send them a message that we’re happy/not happy with them?”
    I think majority governments serve a good purpose in allowing a party to come to power with a new agenda –witness the changes the Rae NDP, the Harris and the Mulroney Tories, the Chretien and the McGuinty Liberals have brought in with their wins over governing parties. Whether you agree with the new agenda or whether the idiots actually go through with their promises is beside the point, but it’s a much better situation than being governed by the same political party for years or even decades .
    I’m going to ignore the parties and the leaders this time, and I’ll take a look at each candidate running in my riding (Dr. Carolyn Bennett’s the incumbent). This means going to an all-candidates debate (pulling teeth, anyone?), but that’s the only way to see everyone in action (or inaction as the case may be).


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