It would be a mistake not to vote for the Federal Liberals because of the Provincial Liberals’ broken campaign promises, but it’s a mistake I wholeheartedly endorse!

Elections are rare moments, even in a democracy, where common folk like you and I hold all the cards. Since it’s unlikely that Dalton McGuinty‘s budget will be an impeachable offence, denying the Liberals a Federal vote is pretty much our only means of payback. And if that’s not enough for ya, there’s also that sponsorship scandal


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2 responses to “Accountability”

  1. AC:

    Paul Martin felt it necessary yesterday to promise to keep his promises. Sounds like a sketch, doesn’t it?


  2. Well, truth =is= stranger than fiction they say… Some sobering news this morning, though:

    Apparently the latest projections show the Conservatives neck-in-neck with the Liberals, and if the PCs win a minority government, they’ll likely form a coalition not with the NDP, but with the Bloc, the very antithesis of what this left-leaning federalist is looking for in his next government. 😦

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