Don’t Go There

If you’re being swayed towards a Conservative vote, you should read this piece from the Edmonton Journal. A quote:

“In its 46-page policy platform, the Conservative Party doesn’t mention art and culture. Not even in the appendix. The word art only appears once, in quotations, decrying the ‘artistic licence’ defence for child pornographers. Stephen Harper and other Conservatives have said they would cut finding to the CBC in whole or in part, and Heritage critic Jim Abbott supports lifting foreign ownership restrictions on telecom companies and broadcasters.”


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2 responses to “Don’t Go There”

  1. So I think I’ll take this place and this time to talk about my political thoughts this election. I hate this election, sure I’ve had times that I’ve been less than happy with selection of people running for political parties in my short voting life, but this election is so hard to keep track of because it’s making me a little ill. For the first time in my life I wish I was an American, I at least know for sure I wouldn’t vote in Bush.

    So this leads me to my voting choice, what am I looking at when I vote in this upcoming election? Simple, I’m looking at my local riding, I’m pretty certain that most of the big wigs in parliament today and in most of the parties could care less about me, the artist, the tax payer, and the guy who occasionally needs medical care. What I do know is people in my local riding have to care about my needs and right now it’s the best thing I’ve got. I want to be sure I can at the very least get some of my issues heard, if even a whisper, rather than pick out the lesser of many evils.

    Thanks for letting me get this off my mind.

  2. All good points, Chris. Lots of people get caught up in the political horse race, forgetting how Parliament works.

    Sadly, even more are probably saying “what’s the point?”, and not voting at all.

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