It’s All About the Butter


Last night two soon-to-be-newlyweds treated yours truly to dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. I guess it’s urban myth that their steaks are butter-fed; nonetheless, the sizzling aroma of all manner of fats greeted us as we walked in the door.

Clearly, the night was about decadence. After downing a couple of spicy Caesars at the bar I settled in for a long and expensive meal. First was our Napa Valley Merlot, one of the few wines on the menu for less than $400 a bottle. For my appetizer I passed on the $8.95 wedge of iceburg lettuce and instead shared a Caesar salad. Then came the meat, about three pounds of it in total for our party of four. And to finish us all off, one of our two ordered desserts was a cheescake, not a slice but the whole damn thing!

My generous hosts wouldn’t let me see the bill, but I’m quite sure it was over five hundred bucks. With a rehearsal dinner Friday, the wedding Saturday, and a BBQ Sunday it’s going to be an expensive weekend, calorie-wise…


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