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Here’s the closest I’ve ever come to a personal response from a politician. It’s in reply to a petition sent to all party leaders in regards to increased funding for the CBC. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for contacting the NDP with your concerns about strong, stable funding for the CBC.

Canadians want to hear each others' stories and see the world through our own eyes. That's why the CBC and Radio-Canada are so important as our public broadcaster; it's committed to telling stories about Canadians to Canadians, providing radio and television news and entertainment to citizens from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

But after 10 years of Liberal government, the CBC's budget has been slashed by more than 20%, and the Conservatives don't even mention the CBC in their new policy document. Instead of using budget surpluses to invest in the CBC and Canadian culture, Paul Martin and the Liberals have used that money to fund tax cuts for friends, insiders and big corporations.

We can use practical solutions to support the CBC and Canadian culture, and protect balanced news coverage of our country and our world. Today's NDP has a new energy and practical solutions for preserving Canada's identity:

We'll provide project-based grants and tax credits to support our visual and performing artists.

We'll increase and stabilize funding for the CBC and Radio-Canada, recognizing the importance of public broadcasting in a large country in a larger world.

We'll support the licensing of international, multilingual television on Canadian cable to allow Canadians greater access and insight to the world around us.

We'll protect domestic ownership of cable and telecommunications companies.

We'll ensure diversity of voices in media by preventing further mergers and acquisitions that provide media owners with more than 20 percent market share in a national, regional or local market.

The NDP is committed to building a green and prosperous economy in which no one is left behind. For more details, we would like to invite you to take a look at our platform by clicking here.


Jack Layton and today's NDP.
New energy. A positive choice.

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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  1. AC:

    Interesting to see how elections are getting more tech-oriented. While the NDP is actually replying to voters, the Liberals and Tories are busy sending a constant stream of e-mails to the media pool’s Blackberries. I saw a behind-the-scenes thing on CBC Newsworld that showed how the spin doctors get their messages out within minutes of the other side making a statement, and only seconds after their own people make statements.

    The whole “Paul Martin supports child pornography” thing was a series of e-mailed press releases, recall notices, etc. Political stupidity has gone paperless!

    I wonder how many years away from on-line voting we are.


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