Kai Tak Heart Attack


Hong Kong has, in my humble opinion and experience, the best airport in the world. And yet, I wish I could have landed at the legendary Kai Tak at least once before it closed. And now, thanks to the Internet, I can… Kinda.

Airliners.net has a collection of photos documenting the “Kai Tak Heart Attack” — a low descent over the rooftops of Kowloon, then a last-minute 47-degree turn before touching down in the heart of the city. You can get to them from the search page by clicking on the photo above or here, then select “Hong Kong – Kai Tak” under “Country/Airport” and “Most Popular” under the “Sort By” heading.



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2 Responses to Kai Tak Heart Attack

  1. A little addendum to sober the romance of air travel:


    A notable quote:

    “The report says at least 50% of visitors should access airports by public transport, and wants journeys of less than 400 miles to be undertaken by train rather than plane, eliminating 45% of flights.”

    Having marvelled at the rail links from Hong Kong and Tokyo to their respective airports, I think a similar link to Pearson is long overdue!

  2. Ed Miller says:


    I agree the rail link to the airport is long overdue, but I’d rather see the TTC and other existing transit systems get much needed cash to fix things up. There’s an immediate need for improvements just for safety. Like those subway platforms propped up with wood where the cement has cracked or is crumbling. I’ve directed my vote in the last 3 elections based on who is willing to give public transit the money to do its job.


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