Shill, Then Chill


I’ve got one more big job before my annual summer slowdown; tomorrow morning I’ll be kicking off Microsoft Canada’s AGM with Colin Mochrie.

My boss is trying to market me as a tech-savvy comedian with her clients. The graphic above is to be the front of a promotional postcard to that effect.

Hey, it ain’t SNL, but I’m not complaining. My corporate work gives me the financial freedom to pursue my pet projects. Unfortunately, I still find my schedule encumbered by the occasional audition for shit TV shows like this.

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. ADDENDUM: Just got back from said shit TV show audition, which I apparently got through a recommendation by Al Howell’s sister—therefore, I would be absolutely =thrilled= to get this breakthrough role, and am grateful for the opportunity to audition for it.

    Well, the second part is true, anyway. 😉

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