For the Microsoft show I did Thursday I wrote a cheeky little gag that I hoped would score Colin Mochrie and I the latest version of Office for Mac. It went something like this…

ME: “So Colin, you use a computer, right?”

COLIN: “Sure.”

ME: “And what kind of computer do you use?”

COLIN: “I’ve got a Macintosh PowerBook.”


ME: “And what kind of software do you use on your PowerBook?”

COLIN: “Well, I’ve got Microsoft Office…”


ME: “Hey, me too. In fact, I’m trying out the thirty-day free test drive on the new Office 2004 for Mac. I wonder if there’s some way we could get a deal on that…”


The gag worked as planned, except that Colin beat me to the punch-line, an honest mistake I’m sure! But as a result, during our curtain call MS President Frank Clegg came to the stage with one — and only one — copy of the latest and greatest Office for Mac.

I’ve been promised my own CD in a week or so. Still, had there been a break in the applause I was ready to say:

“Hey Colin, can I pirate a copy of that off you?”


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One Response to Upstaged

  1. Ed Miller says:


    Hey, Andrew, can I pirate a copy of that off you?

    But, seriously, I’ve seen a review of the changes between Office 2004 and my (legally acquired) copy of Office X, and they’ve done some good work –the project centre in Entourage, for one, is one of those how-did-they-not-think-of-this-before features.

    Just hope they’ve fixed the bug in Excel that makes it crash immediately after starting it up, even after installing every patch that they’ve released. This bug will run for a day, then not give me any problems, then come back again, usually when I’m in a hurry and need to print/see/change a spreadsheet. I’ve considered going to Appleworks several times, but since I shelled out the bucks for Office, I’m still using the damn thing!


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