Kitty Cancer?


This is Lucy, the cat whose life I’ve so far saved twice; once when I got her from the Humane Society in 1987 and again in 1999, when my mother was returning from hospital after her stroke and didn’t want anything scurrying around the floor and upsetting her delicate balance.

Now I may have to save Lucy’s life once again. After discovering a lump on her neck I took her to my local vet to have it examined. It was hard day for both the cat and my wallet — a hundred and fifty bucks bought Lucy a basal temperature reading (by a thermometer up the bum) and a needle inserted deep into her neck to have her lump aspirated.

A sample of the fluid from the lump is currently being analyzed. If the vet can’t figure out what it is a biopsy is the next recommended step.

I’ve got conflicting thoughts on this. On one hand, my cat is 17 years old, and forking out a whack of cash to extend a declining quality of life seems both impractical and cruel. But I don’t want to be the guy who says “Guess what? You’re done” either. At any rate, I should have the test results from the lump sometime next week…

By Andrew

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  1. Oh, poor Loothie.

    Please let me know if she needs any special attention…and please keep in touch re: her diagnosis.



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