A “local actor” talks about supporting Caribana on Citytv News

Even though the largest Caribbean festival in North America takes place right under my nose, I’ve never really participated in Caribana until this past weekend. I’m glad I did!

For many Torontonians, the first word that comes to mind when you mention Caribana is violence, whether it actually takes place or not. While there has been some trouble in years past, it’s no different than the mob behaviour at your typical playoff game or rock concert.

For me, enjoying a free concert by Morgan Heritage in the company of representatives of all races, religions and whatever else served as a reminder of what a vibrant, diverse and wonderful city I live in.

Prince himself said as much on MuchMoreMusic last night!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. AC:

    Local actor? Andrew Currie is an international actor! Curse them media types….


  2. Andrew!

    You at Carribana? You’re kidding, me, of course. Does the Man really allow it? Then there’s as well, hmmm, …interesting!

    The true Carribana experience involves a bunch of other things, so that a person (even a pretend tourist like me) can feel what might be called the “true spirit” of the fest in his own tired, ignorant way – but then that’s just me. And you? Do you have a clear, concise and cogent opinion on this?

    I did pocket a Ginger beer, though, downing it while nobody was looking. Good thing, too. It hit the spot. For real. But that was a long time ago, maybe 2 decades back. It was really something, a victory for the side of multicult.

    Left a mess with the folks assembled, too, and then quit the place with satisfaction, having played the fool, I guess – you see, I didn’t have a guide or close Jamaican buddy by my side.

    The Olympics are looking great on the CBC. Cha!


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