The End Don’t Justify the Means


Like anyone else, I’m a sucker for a good reality TV series, particularly if it centres around showbiz. The fun for me in watching Next Action Star was been Marlon Brando-wannabe Jared‘s near crash and burn. First, the ego-stroking affair with the fellow contestant lacking in self-confidence. Then, the false sense of superiority. And finally, the refusal to take direction or feedback while drowning in his own overacting… The perfect recipe for an on-screen implosion that almost came to pass, but didn’t.

And if you think that’s a tease, the “prize” of a feature film lead turned out to be a credit in a barely-average MOW, broadcast only a week after series end, in the very same time slot. It’s a good thing, really… Right off the top I could barely make out the words of Sean Carrigan‘s mumbly voiceover. Canadian-born co-lead Corrine Van Ryck Degroot — try saying that five times fast — was better, but has this strange tendency to slip into a Michael Jackson voice when trying to be sexy… Not intentionally, I hope!

Both actors couldn’t compete with the on-screen presence of Billy Zane, which pretty much says it all. Blech!


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