Dump or Covet?


When I picked up my cat’s ashes last night I was a little surprised to be presented with a brown paper bag. Inside the bag, though, was a nice card from the crematorium and a very tasteful ceramic urn — click on the photo for a look.

My original plan was to spread the ashes over a communal garden space outside my condo, partly to keep her memory close by and partly to piss off my nosy gardener-neighbours who keep peering through my solarium while tending to their pointless shrubbery. But now I’m having second thoughts.

If the ashes stay inside there’s always a chance they’ll be knocked over and spilled. If they’re spread outside I’ll be even more upset every time the gardeners come out.

Your thoughts?


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One response to “Dump or Covet?”

  1. I suggest placing them on a little pillar table where Lucy’s cat bed used to be.

    Let the nosey gardening neighbours wonder about that!

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