I’m posting this from the Lufthansa Executive Lounge, tucked away on the third floor of Frankfurt’s International Airport. Here’s what’s happened on my trip so far…


African fiction is pissing me off! I guessed right that the first edition of Time Out’s Guide to Cape Town wouldn’t make publication before my departure, so I got a highly-regarded collection of African Folktales to read on the long flights instead. So far the thing has been nothing but trouble – it’s just too damn big!

I left it at the check-in counter on my way in, and had to run back out past the security check and retrace my steps to find it, then run all the way back to catch my flight. Its pictured here stowed safely in Frankfurt Airport; I’m looking forward to reading it, but dreading having to pick it up again.


A clandestine shot of the business class seats to Frankfurt, directly in front of my bulkhead economy digs. I think it’s entirely fitting that they look like oversized baby car seats… “Waah, waah! Me want more peanuts!”


Upon landing in Frankfurt this morning I stowed my bags and grabbed a quick shower, then took a train downtown, following a hunch and ending up being at the centre of everything Frankfurt has to offer. And after an hour or so I got bored, and caught a matinéé of Periode 1, a wacky German sci-fi comedy that I can best describe as Star Wars meets Back to the Future meets a flamboyantly gay Star Trek. The first twenty minutes was a riveting tour-de-force of broad parody. Then I fell asleep.


When it came time to return to the airport, I mistakenly took the S1 Train instead of the S9 — an honest mistake, considering that only the front cars have any useful markings on them. No worries; I had lots of time to correct, and Switzerland was very nice…



And finally, who wouldn’t want a souvenir photo of this peep show kiosk? It’s located on the Departure Level of Terminal B, if you’re ever in town and so inclined…

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