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Still two days behind in my posts…


On Sunday, I woke up extra early for the “comfortable two hour-drive” to the Aquila Private Game Reserve. What I wasn’t told as I set out on the N1 Highway was that the first half of the drive would be through blinding fog!


I still made it in time for a hot breakfast, before loading into a topless Range Rover with five other tourists and our guide, Jacques. Jacques was great, though he seemed a bit obsessed with rhino droppings, picking up soccer ball-sized turds to show us at every available opportunity.


And here are the owners of said droppings, a female white rhino and her young’un. It should be noted that the mama rhino is already pregnant with her second…


… Proving must frustrating to this guy, a poor white-but-with-blue-balls rhino bull.

You can click here for a short QuickTime movie (no sound) of a lion. They were serving the final days of a mandatory eight-month quarantine, to ensure they wouldn’t spread disease to the other animals. It was a bit of a drag that they were stuck behind an electric fence, but once they are released into the park there won’t be any more open-air vehicles driving around it!

By the way, the lioness in the movie is stalking some horseback riders who passed by us… Sucks to be them!


Pity the poor giraffes of Aquila, who have no food at their own height to feed on, and must duck way, way down for ground-level sustenance.


And a pleasant and unexpected surprise came after lunch, when two friendly native South Africans — Emelda and Marianna — asked if I would give them a lift back to town. In return I got to ask all sorts of questions about Cape-tonian life, and got hipped to “Wicked Wednesdays” on SABC, which I’ll be checking out tomorrow night!

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