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I’ve had a hate-on for Bell Canada ever since they casually added an extra two hundred dollars to my phone bill, simply for flicking a switch to activate the already-installed jacks in my new condo. At nerd school I learned how they choked the speed of their residential high-speed internet service, just so they could charge more for the real thing.

But my biggest beef has been their overpriced landline service. Each month I’ve had to fork out forty of my hard-earned dollars just to get a dial tone. Well, no more!

I was thrilled to hear the announcement of City Fido in Toronto this past April, and equally disgusted by the junk offer put forth by Telus to steal its thunder. Because I believe in Fido so much, I’ve signed up for a two-year contract and given them the go-ahead to liberate my home phone number from Bell.

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, I’m free at last!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Hey Cyrus,

    Six months on, I’m still loving the unlimited local airtime, although even before Rogers bought Fido I suspected that the City Fido signal was somehow compromised—that is to say, it doesn’t seem quite as strong or to travel quite as far as my regular Fido signal.

    Nonetheless, I’d still recommend signing up for a City Fido contract before February 28th… I don’t think you’ll see a wireless deal like this ever again!

  2. AC,
    considering that number portability is still far away and months ahead and SIM LOCK is still a practice for carriers here in Canada. We will never see the benefits of truly open ubiquitous networking like WiFi. CRTC made little progress on these but should still be criticised for the delay on both only a few years ago, they finally make SMS internetwork capable. when the rest of the world were all SMS friendly…

    Happy New Year
    Daniel Chun
    Little Scientist

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