Jeff Rense

rense.gifThe other night I went on a bit on an internet bender, thanks to a portal run by radio talk show host Jeff Rense. It started with some not-so-light reading on the alleged genocide of white farmers in South Africa, got a little scary with numerological predictions for 9/11, Part 2 and led ultimately to sites like this, with all sorts of conspiracy theories surrounding the original events that took place three years ago today.

Is it blasphemous to even suggest a conspiracy on only the third anniversary of that awful morning? Perhaps, but I’m certainly not contesting the fact that innocent people have died, nor diminishing any the heroism shown by those at the scene. For me, reading this kind of stuff, no matter how way-out it sounds, is a good workout for my sense of objectivity, and demonstrates that we shouldn’t take anything that the media tells us at face value, whether it comes from a fringe website or a more “reliable” source.

By Andrew

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