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Principle photography has just been completed for Born to be Mild, my entry in this year’s Bermuda Film Festival. I’ve got lots of photos and screen grabs, but also only limited access to the Internet — my brother and sister-in-law’s promise of a DSL line at their home has yet to be realized.

That won’t stop me from bragging, though. Shooting went even better than I had hoped. Mr. Howell looked hilarious in his pink Bermuda shorts and knee socks, and I managed to get Johnny Barnes, a local celebrity, to make a cameo.

I’ll post some photos during the week if I can, but my priority is to get a finished cut of the film to the festival by the deadline this Friday.

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By Andrew

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  1. What’s the film called? I’ve checked on the BIFF website, but their programme links don’t appear to be working. I’ll give you a mention when I write the review up.

    Is it online anywhere? Would be interested to see it.

  2. I’m sorry about that. I’d still like to see it though. If you ever put it online, let me know.

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