Half a Frickin’ Million?!


So one of the townhouses in my Grangetown development is up for sale. It was one of the last two units up for grabs in the summer of 1999, listing for the same price as the unit I ended up getting, but with 600 more square footage and no additional maintenance fees — the reason being that a big chunk of that footage was technically underground. Everyone I asked for advice said “don’t buy a basement apartment, no matter how nice it is”.

But now, a scant four years later, the people who bought this subterranean paradise are asking half a million bucks for it! Without giving you enough info to calculate how much I paid for my digs, I can tell you that $500K — $499K, anyway — represents a mark-up of well over 100%!

Is it worth it? Take the virtual tour and decide for yourself. Keep in mind, though, that the price includes nosy, garden-obsessed neighbours…

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By Andrew

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