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Husband and wife reunited at St. Mike’s…

Who knew that a corporate gig for Second City would end up in the Emergency Room of St. Michael’s Hospital? Well, that’s exactly what happened Monday night.

After Jenny Parsons and I took part in an improv set at the Academy of Spherical Arts we were treated to some free appetizers courtesy of the client. After a small bite of an apparently delicious portabello mushroom with cheese, Jenny asked our server what was in it. “Crab” was not the answer she had expected — she’s seriously allergic to shellfish, so much so that on our tours of Asia she carried a peace of paper with her at all times, with Chinese characters spelling out the message “Please don’t feed me shellfish; I will die”.

Fearing that her throat could close up within a few minutes, Musician Jim Clayton immediately offered to take her to hospital. I went along in case we had to use her EpiPen en route.

Thankfully, Jenny was fine, and after a quick visit with a doctor was given a couple of Benadryls and released, just in time to greet her husband Steve Morel in the waiting room.

I can’t really say that I did much during this crisis, but I guess my dad, the former chief surgeon at St. Mike’s, could at least be proud of my bedside manner… And my choice in hospitals!

By Andrew

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