Web Limbo

Two things are currently conspiring to keep me from posting here — one is the prep for the world premiere screening of my Small Screen Heroes pilot, and the other is trying to find a new hosting service for this site.

I should have figured the $3USD/month that bloghosts was charging me was too good to be true; sure enough, if you click on their link you’ll see that the company is going under due to technical reasons.

It’s not just a matter of finding cheap space on a server somewhere; I also have to get my Movable Type installation, or at least the files, transferred properly. But with this monumental hassle comes the opportunity to switch to a new web publishing system.

My current needs for such a system are:

  • The ability to post through any web browser, anywhere;
  • Able to post photos directly from my mobile phone;
  • 100% Macintosh compatibility.

That last item has been a sore point for me with Movable Type — shortcuts for formatting and linking only work on Internet Explorer for Windows, which make posting from my Mac a needlessly tedious affair.

I’m currently test-driving a product called ExpressionEngine from pMachine. A temporary site using the system is here, if you’re at all interested in seeing my fiddling. Be warned, though — the site will disappear in thirty days!


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