We’re (all) Number One


I’m currently being considered for a big corporate facilitation job in January—for those of you who don’t know, corporate facilitation is built on the tenuous argument that the fundamentals of theatrical improvisation also apply to the business world, thus enabling facilitators charge big money for teaching improv games to business clients.

During a rehearsal for this job one of my fellow facilitators flagged a potential problem, wherein a pair of participants in a particular exercise would be labeled as “A” and “B”. Citing a potential status issue – that is, person “B” feeling second-best—he suggested the labels “A” and “1”.

The response from higher-ups? “That’s a great idea!”

My response? “That’s simultaneously the saddest and most hilarious fucking thing I’ve ever heard!”


4 responses to “We’re (all) Number One”

  1. AC:

    I’ve witnessed a different system to avoid making anyone a “second-class” in training: colours. Instead of A or 1, one team would be Blue and the other Team Red. The As and The 1s, though, take the cake, uh, steak! I’d suggest different team names: The Politicals and The Corrects.


  2. Or I could just begin the workshop with something like this:

    “Listen, you people are =all= second-class, mindless drones, so any petty complaints about labels will result in further humiliation!”


  3. You could always go with the classic:

    “First is the worst,
    Second is the best,”

    However if you have three groups the last group may not approve of the:

    “Third is the one with the hairy hairy chest.”

    A grade school, how I miss it.

  4. As a hairy chested man, I protest that I am being lumped in with these third-class losers. Move me to coach class or I’ll take another airline!

    Merry Christmas
    Ed Miller

    PS: sorry about the Merry Christmas. That should read Happy Non-Specific Holiday.

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